Tuesday, March 20, 2012

places and spaces

here's more images, as promised! environments this time! excuse the colors if they look super saturated. uploading them onto here seems to have changed them more than i've ever seen. D:

 also, here's a w.i.p. of the scene i'm currently working on, the death of the beast. i wish i had more time for this thesis so that i could do more fun storytelling images like this. it's been the most fun to think about so far.
 and last, but not least, here's what happens when i goof off by watching Face Off while working. the one guy's phoenix girl wasn't pretty enough for me, so i made my own!
well! back to work!


  1. Hey Kelsey,

    It's Carlos from AGP. WOW I love all the work on your blog! I especially enjoy the process sketches, they show how well you think your process through. Good luck with your thesis, I'm sure you are going to kill it!

    Keep updating this blog with awesomeness and take care.


    1. Hi Carlos!

      It's so great to hear from you! I've just finished up all my thesising and it's been exhausting and wonderful. I will make sure to keep this updated through the summer. :)